• Subdramar - Obras Marítimas
    We are specialists in Maritime Works
    With more than 10 years experience in this sector, Subdramar has become a specialist in marine works.
  • Subdramar - Servicios Submarinos
    Crossing boundries Submarine Projects
    Subdramar is the first and only Spanish company to refloat a hydraulic caisson! !
  • Subdramar - Servicios Submarinos
    Port construction, Signalling Beacons
    Subdramar is an" Authorised Seaflex Installer"(floating dock anchoring system).
  • Subdramar - Obras Marítimas
    Manufacturing, installation and maintenance of turbidity barriers

Marine Works and Underwater Services

Port installations, Dredging, Underwater Emissaries

Subdramar - Obras Marítimas
  • Caisson Towing Brens

Marine Works

Leveling up on foundation pavement, Placing blocks, Anchoring hydraulic caissons, Construction and repair of access ramps or landings…

Subdramar - Barreras Antiturbez
  • Turbidity Barrier Installation

Turbidity barriers

Manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The turbidity barrier that we manufacture is made of a Geodren material “Lotrack SOR”…

Subdramar - Balizas de Señalización
  • Moaña Beacon

Signalling beacons

Subdramar has specialized over the years in the installation and maintenance of all types of maritime signalling beacons, lighthouses, beacons, buoys…


Deatails make a difference!

Resources and Equipment

Subdramar: The first and only Spanish company to refloat a hydraulic caisson!!

Subdramar: Medios y Equipos

Resources and Equipment

Subdramar has the most modern means, both in navigation, communications, and in boats, diving teams, etc. Among its most important features …





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